Let's be honest

Your place is more than just a restaurant, right?

People love to visit your place because you offer them something special...

...a unique experience!

The people, the flavours, the vibe... everything falls perfectly into place.

And the lovely staffmembers make it feel like home.

So why is there no platform that shows people what makes your place so special?

Other platforms focus on practical information

But people are looking for a feeling

They are looking for you!

That's why
we created

A platform where you can show travellers what makes you special and where travellers can inspire each other to visit your place.

  • Your GEMTRACK profile shows travellers what makes you unique

  • We help you attract your target audience

  • We help you promote your events

With tips from real travellers we have made a selection of the most unique restaurants & cafes, like...


To create the perfect GEMTRACK profile for you...

We have built an amazing team of explorers (writers, photographers and video makers). They will visit you so you can tell them more about you and your place.

What do we offer?

  • You are part of our selection of the most unique restaurants & cafes

  • We create a complete image to show people what makes you special

  • We help you reach your target audience

  • We let you promote your events within your target audience

  • We encourage people to share their experiences and inspire each other to visit you

And if you support any sustainability projects, we are more than happy to give them a boost as well!

And the good thing is

You can decide how much you think GEMTRACK is worth for you per month.

(with a free trial period until September)

Gabrielle Cepella & Rosa Hudepohl

Founders GEMTRACK.

Do you want to show the world that your place is a true travel gem?

Just send us a message! We can’t wait to meet you!