GEMTRACK is a new social travel platform promoting a culture of Slow & Sustainable travel.

Slow travel is best demonstrated by our wonderful team of explorers and content creators. Rather than superficially move around an area in a few days, the teams stay in each region for weeks and truly experience life there. They discover secret sunset spots, learn to cook authentic food from the locals, commit to a new hobby like surfing and support the local community by valuing their traditions and documenting their way of life.

We are looking for adventurous travellers and content creators to join the team of GEMTRACK explorers!​



Are you a traveller at heart who wants to explore, engage and interact with their surroundings, meet new people and try new things?

Do you want to work with a team of creative, hardworking and passionate colleagues? A team that wants to create a strong community of travellers and travel spots and through this network actively promotes a culture of “slow and sustainable travel”?

Do you understand the value of beautiful and meaningful content - in the form of photography, writing, film and…? (we love to hear new ideas!) - especially in current times, where we tend to spend a lot of time weeding through the enormous amount of (empty) information online.

The Gemtrack Onground Team will be moving through Goa and Sri Lanka, working with travel spots to create profiles that share their stories; undertaking cultural excavations to create photo stories and articles to reach conscious travellers and organizing Gem Jams for travellers to get together and explore the local culture, bond with the community and give back :-)


  • Over a period of 10 months, you will be moving through Goa and Sri Lanka with your partner and exploring the areas to find travel gems that align with our values of slow and sustainable travel. You can do this by searching online, asking for tips from travellers or finding these places yourself!
  • You will contact the owners of these travel gems and convey our story, concept and agreement to them. The aim is to get them to work with us so we can grow our network :-)
  • Once these gems sign up, you will create the visual content for these profiles. Your partner will create the written content.
  • You will also be paying visits to Gemtrack’s partners i.e. travel gems that signed up in the first round of content creation and updating the visual content wherever necessary.
  • You will organize Gem Jams in these areas in order to bring travellers together under the Gemtrack banner and work with travel gems to host events with a sociocultural theme in line with our values.
  • You will also be designing the communication material for Gem Jams and engaging in online marketing for the same as well as engaging with online communities to direct them towards Gemtrack.
  • You will be given some administrative responsibilities as well, like coordinating payments, sending emails to gather information about events, etc.
  • Your role will be to maintain and grow the platform in Goa and Sri Lanka, look after our partners and create a community of travellers in these areas that are able to slow down and engage with these areas in a meaningful way :-)


  • You absolutely love meeting new people and discovering new places and are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone!
  • You are highly interested in the story of a place and the people behind it and want to share this with the Gemtrack community.
  • You are a creator at heart and whether it is profiles, photo stories, events or conversations, you see these exercises as opportunities to be creative :-)
  • You understand the value of beautiful and meaningful visual content.
  • You are excited to be a part of a dynamic start up and are flexible to adapt to changes that come from working in a sphere that is governed by external, variable factors.
  • You can work positively and comfortably in a variety of environments, without consistent changes pushing you out of your groove.
  • You love connecting people and stories and ideas and genuinely believe in the slow and sustainable framework as a means to harmonious, enriching experiences.


  • You have good photography skills and the right equipment to create high-quality photos.
  • You are able to capture the feeling and vibe of a space and its unique experience in photos.
  • You have the creative vision and commitment to make powerful photo stories that are of interest to our community.
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and are able to connect with partners and the community with ease.
  • You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or any creative program to design communication material.
  • You are savvy with social media and will be able to manage Facebook groups and engage with the community online.
  • You are a self motivated, disciplined and empathetic individual who can stick to deadlines, communicate with the managers over weekly calls and work alongside another creative genius like yourself and together, help us grow and reach out to this community!


  • The opportunity of combining work and travel in beautiful tropical havens of Goa and Sri Lanka.
  • A space to work on and develop your writing and photography skills.
  • The chance to meet and get to know wonderful, inspiring people.
  • A salary of INR 30,000/month which can be raised after a 3 month period based on work ethic, initiative and quality of work.
  • A chance to work with an international platform and do work that is creative, rewarding and exciting at the same time :-)


We would be happy to hear from you! Send us an email with photography samples and your motivation at


Right now our team is exploring Bali, Lombok, Goa & Sri Lanka, discovering places that offer enriching travel experiences. They discover secret sunset spots, learn to cook authentic food from the locals, commit to a new hobby like surfing and support the local community by valuing their traditions and documenting their way of life.

The GEMTRACK explorers​ are travellers, photographers and content writers from all around the world who discover and visit the travel gems to create a complete image of what these places have to offer.