GEMTRACK is a new social travel platform promoting a culture of slow & sustainable travel. By creating a handpicked selection of unique travel gems in different areas around the world, we want to inspire travellers to visit the places we think they will absolutely love and make slow & sustainable travel easy and exciting!

Right now we are exploring Bali, Lombok, Goa & Sri Lanka, discovering places that offer enriching travel experiences. .


We like to say that you really experience travel when you take the time to stop, engage & interact with your surroundings.

How does one do this? It’s pretty simple! Try new things! Get to know the culture, learn a bit of the local language, volunteer, play with the local kids or greet the local shop owners, stay at homestays and get out into nature.

Every travel gem on GEMTRACK is tied to their own unique experience. Think of...

fishing with the local fishermen, participating in a traditional ceremony, helping with a reef-restoration project, learning how to cook a delicious thali with an Indian auntie, a romantic dinner in an idyllic bay, getting creative with art workshops or diving from a waterfall in the heart of the jungle…

All of these experiences have wonderful stories and people behind them! Experiences you’ll find on Gemtrack are not always in the form of an activity. Sometimes they are encounters or sights - the most important is the vibe, the people, the location and the story that together form this experience! By visiting our travel gems and getting to know the people behind them, you’re bound to experience something very special :-)


By contributing a yearly fee, the travel spots featured on our platform help support the growth and maintenance of the GEMTRACK platform. In return they get a complete profile created by our explorers and we promote them and their events within their target audience through our website and social media.

NGO’s, non-profit organizations & very small or local travel gems do not have to pay for a spot on GEMTRACK. With the yearly fee from other travel spots, we can offer these places a profile on GEMTRACK and support these businesses for free!


Slow travel isn’t just spending a week under a palm tree sipping fresh coconut water.

Sustainable travel isn’t just saying no to plastic, or taking a train instead of a flight.

There’s a lot more to it and it’s a lot easier than you might think! As our manager Aishwarya eloquently puts it: "It is a way of travelling that makes you actually interact with your surroundings and engage with new cultures, in a way that your growth is harmonious to that of the environment and the local community."


Support local businesses by making direct bookings

By booking directly at an accommodation or activity, you are supporting the local economy. A local business pays high amounts of commission fees to large booking platforms even though this is not necessary at all! Just email, call, Facebook, Instagram or use their own booking system on their website.

Direct bookings are (very) often cheaper also!

That’s why at GEMTRACK we try to make direct bookings as easy as possible for you as a traveller! Had a hard time getting in touch with a travel gem? Let us know. We will be on it ASAP!

The Gemtrack selection: vote with your wallet

You as a conscious traveller can make easy choices and empower sustainably run businesses by choosing to support them over travel spots that do not uphold these values. Sometimes support comes from volunteering and promotion, sometimes it can simply be ordering a smoothie bowl from a plastic-free cafe over one that gives you two straws in your drink!

You have the power to reward places with your patronage and GEMTRACK is here to help you figure out which ones deserve it :-) We believe that every informed purchase decision has an impact and just like that, you could be a part of the slow and sustainable travel revolution.


Slow travel is best demonstrated by our wonderful team of explorers. Rather than superficially move around an area in a few days, the teams stay in each region for weeks and truly experience life there. They discover secret sunset spots, learn to cook authentic food from the locals, commit to a new hobby like surfing and support the local community by valuing their traditions and documenting their way of life.

The GEMTRACK explorers​ are travellers, photographers and content writers from all around the world who discover and visit the travel gems to create a complete image of what these places have to offer.

Let's find out if we are a match

What kind of travel gem do you have?


Gap in the market

GEMTRACK will be the first platform that uses the power of sharing travel experiences to offer the best solution for both traveller and travel spot.

Growth potential

Getting on board in this early phase is a great opportunity. GEMTRACK has a large growth potential and will be able to make big steps with only these first investments as we can grow dynamically in an efficient way.

Trends in online marketing

Creating reach and promotion on the internet will be increasingly expensive as budgets of big advertisers move to the internet. It will become increasingly difficult for smaller companies to create a presence online and reach their target audience. Gemtrack offers a much beter solution; both financially and in quality.


We offer a 1% share in GEMTRACK for every €7.500 you invest in the platform.


Value increase - In the first 3 years GEMTRACK will reinvest the cash flow back into the platform so growth can be financed out of the operation. This will make your investment increase in value.
Profit sharing - After the first 3 years a 1% profit sharing for every €7.500 invested.

Growing efficiently

By working together with bloggers and area promotion organizations we can generate efficient organic growth. This means low costs for adding travel spots to the platform.


We are happy to arrange a meeting to tell you about our plans and the possibilities to invest in GEMTRACK.

If you’re interested, we can send you our financial plan.

You can contact Rosa Hudepohl:
email : rosa@gemtracktravel.com
phone : +316 12787107 (WhatsApp only)