When travelling your best memories are those of an experience. When the vibe, the people, the location and everything else fell perfectly into place. As a traveller you are looking for more than just a bed in a hostel or the restaurant around the corner. You are looking for a unique experience. Think of fishing with the local fishermen, participating in a traditional ceremony, helping with a reef-restoration project, learning how to cook delicious pasta with an Italian mama, a romantic dinner in an idyllic bay, getting creative with art workshops or diving from a waterfall in the heart of the jungle…

Friends and fellow travellers are the ones who give the most valuable tips about where to go and what to do. Being the ones who know what fits you and have experienced it themselves. Travel spots also find great value in the fact that guests share their experiences, as for them it is the best form of advertising.

So if sharing travel experiences is so important, then why is there no place where all of this comes together? This is what we want to do by creating GEMTRACK, a platform where travel spots can show us what makes them special and where travellers can inspire each other to visit the places they love.


At GEMTRACK we want to use the power of sharing experiences to offer the best solution for both traveller and travel spot. We can create the perfect situation where travel spots attract guests by showing what makes them so special and where travellers can have the unique experiences they are looking for and inspire each other to visit the travel spots they love.

What we do

  • create a selection of the most unique travel spots per destination based on tips of real travellers
  • give a complete image of travel spots by focusing on adding a personal touch, showing what makes these places special and telling about the unique experiences they offer
  • give personalized travel suggestions based on preferences & similar travellers
  • promote direct communication & direct bookings by offering direct links and creating awareness about high commission fees on websites like Booking.com
  • encourages travellers to share their experiences with friends & on social media


Rosa and Gabrielle are the co- founders of this platform filled with unique travel experiences. Their partner Aishwarya is the Goa and Sri Lanka expert, a true team player and word wizard. She has set up and is managing the Goa and Sri Lanka team.

The Gemtrack explorers are a group of enthusiastic, adventurous and talented people. They are photographers, video-makers, content writers, bloggers and they know exactly what a traveller is looking for. By combining these skills the team will be creating beautiful content for travel spots in Bali, Lombok, Goa and Sri Lanka!

The entire Gemtrack team has one thing in common: they see the beauty in unique travel experiences and want to pass this on to the people around them .

Let's find out if we are a match

What kind of travel gem do you have?


Gap in the market

GEMTRACK will be the first platform that uses the power of sharing travel experiences to offer the best solution for both traveller and travel spot.

Growth potential

Getting on board in this early phase is a great opportunity. GEMTRACK has a large growth potential and will be able to make big steps with only these first investments as we can grow dynamically in an efficient way.

Trends in online marketing

Creating reach and promotion on the internet will be increasingly expensive as budgets of big advertisers move to the internet. It will become increasingly difficult for smaller companies to create a presence online and reach their target audience. Gemtrack offers a much beter solution; both financially and in quality.


We offer a 1% share in GEMTRACK for every €5.000 you invest in the platform.


Value increase - In the first 3 years GEMTRACK will reinvest the cash flow back into the platform so growth can be financed out of the operation. This will make your investment increase in value.
Profit sharing - After the first 3 years a 1% profit sharing for every €5.000 invested.

Growing efficiently

By working together with bloggers and area promotion organizations we can generate efficient organic growth. This means low costs for adding travel spots to the platform.


We are happy to arrange a meeting to tell you about our plans and the possibilities to invest in GEMTRACK.

If you’re interested, we can send you our financial plan.

You can contact Rosa Hudepohl:
email : rosa@gemtracktravel.com
phone : +316 12787107 (WhatsApp only)